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. martha: scott brown and his supporters are ready to see him go to washington, right now. listen to this. >> [chanting] >> the people, as you know by the votes, have now filled the office themselves and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay. martha: all right, but that will not happen today. there are procedural hurdles that need to be cleared first. massachusetts state law allows ten days to certify the results. that's to make sure there aren't igregularity that is could alter the outcome, among them the certification of absentee ballots from servicemen overseas, as soon as that certification comes in, brown will be sworn in. bill: meantime, some interesting election poll numbers into fox done by telephone, 61 percent of brown voters say the decifit reduction is more important than health care reform, that poll conducted by ras mussence reports and it surveyed about 1000 massachusetts voters who took part in the special senate election. we'll examine those can karl rove in a matter of moments. martha: brown's victory brings the number of republicans in the senate to 41. that's an
in the polls over the last week. gregg: shannon bream is in washington, d.c. and shannon, this was supposed to be sort of a gimme for coakley, if i can put it that way. why has this become the political story? >> reporter: you might have it, gregg, from the moment that democrat martha coakley, the democratic in this race, won the primary, that she was christened to take the portion of what ted kennedy's seat so there's a lot of criticism maybe it was too much of a given or assumed to be a given and she didn't run the right kind of campaign. others say this is about bigger issues, national issues, like health care, that's gotten into the race and that's going to boost the republican scott brown. despite what the theories may, even this morning, coakley supporter, massachusets governor tim murray admits this is a tough race. this is what he had to say. >> there's no question about it, this is a horse race but at the end of the day, we're confident as voters go to the polls and do the analysis of who's got a track record of protecting taxpayers' interest, it's martha coakley. >> reporter: and
before the botched attack. live in washington. what do we know about that last phone conversation? >> well excuse me shannon that report suggests that that final phone call is really what triggered the father into action. abc news reporting that the suspect in that call warned his father it would be his last contact with the family and that the people he was with in yemen were about to destroy his sim card. the father reportedly contacted they skbrer yan -- nigerian officials who took him directly to the cia chief in nigeria's capital. state department confirms immediately passed on some information about sri lankan -- umar farouk abdulmutallab to other em be as and i intelligence official told fox that the cia's desk began preparing a fuller report on the suspect but that was never completed or disseminated before the christmas day attack shannon. shannon: we know president obama has gotten some preliminary reports back the reviews he wanted to see do we know anything about the changes he's being urged to make? >> shannon the president got that report series of brefgs and confere
and that is the story of scout brown and that journey has now led him to washington, d.c. today, bill. bill: as you probably know and we just pointed out, brown threw the victory for health care into disarray. yesterday nancy pelosi talked with democrats about the options on the table. no clear course of action has emerged but we understand the house passing the senate's version of the bill is not an option, but three other options, three other courses of action are still being considered: one, passing a pared-down health care bill that would then have to pass the senate, number two, passing a bill with a few changes that house members are pursue, then merge thank with the senate bill. the third option is do nothing. of course, this thing in washington, washington is -- nothing is guaranteed. stay tuned on that. martha: back to the fox news alert on unemployment today, the labor department says thursday, the numbers always come out every thursday, initial claims for unemployment rose by 36,000 last week, and that reaches 482,000 social security that moving average. wall street economists did not ex
in washington during his state of the union address. listen here. >> washington may think that saying anything about the other side, no matter how false, no matter how malicious, is just part of the game. but it's precisely such politics that has stopped either party from helping the american people. worse yet, worse yet, it's stalling -- forming further division among citizens, further distrust in our government. bill: house republican leaders are already saying they're skeptical. molly henneberg is live at the capitol with more. it's cold. >> reporter: it's cold, bill, there are 178 house republicans, and most of them will be here today in baltimore for the annual house gop retreat. congressman mike pence, who is chair of the house republican conference, is holding a bhng reporters this hour to give everybody the lay of the land, but the main event today as you've been talking about is the president will be speaking to house republicans today, and congressman pence says he hopes it's just not another speech, rather an exchange of ideas that maybe will encourage the president to, quote, consi
and brian wilson is covering all that from washington. brian, how has the tsa been responding ever since this christmas day incident? >> patti ann, since the christmas day incident of attempting to blow up a plane from amsterdam to detroit the tsa has ramped up procedures and is issuing new guidelines for airlines that schedule flights into the u.s. from international destinations. how is it paying off? here are the statistics immediately following christmas, 28 passengers were arrested after investigations of suspicious behavior or fraudulent travel documents, we know that 12 firearms were found at checkpoints around the country, they found four artfully concealed prohibited items at various checkpoints around the country, and here's sort of a telling statistic, 24 incidents that involved a checkpoint closure, a terminal evacuation, or a sterile area breach. that seems to be up a little bit. it could be because they've stepped up procedures, it could also be this has been a busy time of year for flying. patti ann: so what is it like for the flying public now? >> well, anyone who has flo
, on a cool day it looks like in washington, d.c. bill: that's a day where you wear your winter white hat and molly did. we've got this deadly developing story out of iran where a nuclear scientist who publicly backed the country's opposition is now dead t. happened outside his home when a bomb-rigged motorcycle blew up. state media identify the mohammed as masoud ali mohammadi, he was significant, too, a nuclear physics professor at tehran university. before the last year's presidential bid, his name was published among 240 teachers who supported the opposition heard mir hossein mousavi, than government blaming the west for the attack, saying it was carried by an iranian opposition group by israel and the ups. that's here in this "america's newsroom". martha: the u.s. is deny thank a military plane violated its air space, a u.s. diplomat sat down with venezuela's foreign minister, nicholas maduro to discuss this allegation. maduro claimed the u.s. was trying to, quote, provoke some kind of incident, president hugo chavez claims venezuela sent f-16s to escort that plane out. the u.s. sem
poll suggesting a big shift. and panic by some washington democrats, worry that the massachusets battle will derail their health care overall. we'll detail the 11th hour plan to avoid that. gregg: first, let's begin with bill hemmer in port-au-prince, haiti, where the situation is evolving minute by minute. bill? bill: yeah, gregg, good morning again, we're back the a the airport on this monday, the last time we were here has been friday so it's been three days and what a difference three days makes, the u.s. military is ramped up in a serious and significant way as these goods arrive in from all over the united states and all over the world, food and water and medical supplies, badly needed by countless many here, in the capitol city. we've been watching navy helicopters fly sorti after sorti on the tarmac, they load goods by hand into the helicopter, then take off as quickly as they land, heading to destinations throughout this crowded and desperateato dose pratt capitol city. we also expect former president bill clinton, we're awaiting his arrival, that should happen this morning as
in washington, we've been track ago rising tide of red ink that leaves the total national debt today at $12,000,465,487,917.34. martha: don't forget the 34 cents. bill: i would not. martha: somebody is counting those pennies closely. bill: it's growing. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to nerk's -- to "america's newsroom". martha: i'm martha maccallum, the cbo report on budget estimates for the decade coming in and as washington continues to bleed red ink the report is expected to name the fiscal debate on capitol hill this coming year, and this will be a very big focus of that. rich edison is joining us from the fox business network. so, gee, you know, i mean, rich, you take a look at that number, how bad do we expect them to get from here? >> reporter: martha, they'll be ugly and analysts expect the federal government to continue running these deficits in the future. last year, the u.s. ran up about a trillion and a half dollars in debt, analysts expect the office to forecast about the same, trillion and a half budget decifit this year, the recession has cost millions of jobs, there
years, and that is that for far too long, people in this country felt like washington was about the special interests and not about them. that's why they're frustrated. martha: all right, so you hear robert gibbs there basically saying stay the course, from the white house. is that the right move? professor of advanced political studies at washington university, a fox news contributor, andrea tantara joins us as well a. conservative column nis out of foxnews.com, both are fox forum contributors as well. let's make a big contribution here as well. good morning, good to see you both. >> thank you martha. >> good to see you. martha: bob, you couldn't help by listen and watch the shows and get the message from the white house that you know what, this is what we're elected to do, the american people want these things from us in terms of health care reform. stay the course. health care reform needs to stay on course. >> well, it needs to stay on course. the problem of course is you can't get it passed. one thing that was a little misleading here is that obama promised to get health ca
, vice president of news and washington morninging editor, good morning to you. you can take a pretty good take on that based from the e-mail traffic, based on telephone calls, if you were to judge health care now, and its momentum, where would you rate it? >> deader on a doornail. at least the version that the democrats have been pushing for a year, which is to say the 2000 page, trillion dollars universal -- largely universal health care coverage, just no chance of passage. and i think you saw that in the grimness of the speaker of the house's face and her words. it just has been a seed change in the last couple of days, bill. i thought even going into that election when everyone was thinking brown was going to win, the conventional wisdom was yeah, you're going to win, but they've got two or three option and they'll push something through quickly. all of that has gone away. it's as dead as social security reform was dead after george w. bush pushed it for a year and came up short. bill: what year was that? >> that was the year after his reelection, so that would have been 2005. bil
threats and many of them we hear will come from the cia. jordan ganra is here out of washington, good morning to you. four specific points that bret baier and mike emanuel drug up -- dugel yesterday, they will disseminate informs on extremists on 48 hours, that's two days. why wouldn't they do that already? >> one is, they bring in a ton of information from all sorts of sources and all sorts of methods and they sort through it, and i think what they've been doing is they've been taking a few days or sometimes weeks to sort through the information to determine whether it's relevant or not before they kick it out to the rest of the intelligence community. i think now, they're going to have to sort through it more quickly and they're going to end up sending out a lot more information to the other members of the intelligence community. bill: so the cia is getting the information and they would go through it on their own is what you're saying, right? >> that's typically what happens, is they'll go through it and see if it's relevant or not, before they decide to kick it around the intellig
. >> you too. patti: president obama ends his 11-day hawaiian vacation when he heads back to washington today, and while mr. obama has been briefed each day on the failed christmas day attack, some of the reviews have not been kind, right grieg? >> the politico website calling this the low point of his young presidency. all right, is that fair or foul? a fair and balanced debate now, fox news contributor, fox news.com comib tore andrea fantero. the optics of a president, swaining a golf club while americans are standing in long security lines in airports and worried about another terrorist attack may be the -- may not be the best image. was it in retrospect a mistake that is perhaps reminiscent of president bush vacationing in crawford, texas during katrina? >> you know, these things happened after they got on vacation. the question is, should you drop your vacation and come back. we do have communications now, things like the land lines and cell phones that go to hawaii. greg: but the image. >> look, i don't think the image is hurtful here. the image that is hurtful to me, in any event
workers today, without a job and asking if washington has any clue what is happening back on main street. this is like a buildup to the super bowl, this is a 12-hour pregame. martha: it is, and as you talked about, there are serious consequences. bill: i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum, it is hard to imagine the stakes being any higher for the president tonight, and if you want evidence of where we stand, here it is, a fox news opinion poll shows if the election were held today, more americans would vote for, quote, someone else other than the president, 47 percent would cast their vote for another candidate, 43 percent would back the president if voting today, a president whose popularity was called transformational, it crossed so many boundaries just a year ago when he started that presidency. bill over the next two hours, we have a great lineup, first, judd gregg, ranking member of the senate budget committee, welcome back, senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: how do we fix this deep financial hole that we find ourselves in today? >> stop spen
christmas day attack on a u.s.-bound jetliner. >>> in washington, a very pointed request on health care today that could create an awkward situation for the democrats. the congressional television service, c-span, has sent a letter to capitol hill leaders, asking for all important health care meetings to be open to coverage. that request comes as we hear reports that the final, final version of the health care bill may be crafted by top democrats behind closed doors, without public access or republican input. kelly wright is live from the white house with more. kelly, what specifically is c-span requesting in this letter to the president and to senate and house leaders? >> i'll get right to your point, i'm hold thank letter from c-span and they are basically challenging the president on what he talked about when he was then-senator barack obama campaigning. you'll recall he talked about a lot of transparency in terms of what would be taking place in congress, that it wouldn't be behind closed doors, and that's certainly what they're addressing here. they say president obama, senate and
. outside of washington, d.c. there are numerous search and rescue crews getting ready with the goods and supplies and equipment, sound equipment, ready to fly to haiti as soon as they get the go ahead. as we await the president, russ feingold, u.s. senator, he's doing something not all lawmakers have been willing to do, meeting with voters on health care and getting an earful, too, about their doubts and fears about the coming changes. in a moment we'll talk with one of the constituents who will join us live about what her concerns were with senator feingold, that's coming up. we're on standby for the president, right near in "america's newsroom". >> your question about is this good for wisconsin, it will be worth hundreds of billions in those two areas. bill: all right, fox news alert now, we're going to update you as soon as we get the latest breaking news out of haiti but also waiting on the president, president obama said to make his -- set to make his first public statement about what happened on the ground. you'll see the president in a matter of moments here. in the meantime,
how much say washington can have ultimately. what do you believe in your heart? does the president get too much credit when the economy is good and does the president get too much credit when the economy is bad? >> well, i think what happens is that we need, as a congress and as a country, to set the environment right for businesses to flourish. businesses hire more people when there is some certainty and they say opportunities ahead, but when there is so much uncertainty, the environment is difficult and it's harder for people to make that commitment. but it is small jobs, bill, that drives the economy. it always has been. 70 percent of the new jobs are created by small businesses. and that's why i encourage this sort of tax breaks and things we're talking about for small businesses. but we need to focus on jobs today, not adding to the debt tomorrow. and the vote today and the president says he wants the jobs bill, put the vote on the senate floor today is to raise the federal debt ceiling by another $1.9 trillion. that's an amount of spending that is irresponsible, it is unsustainab
: looking forward to that, thank you very much, caroline shively in washington. gregg: several coast guard units are on the front line in the effort and we've got brand new images off the coast guard, preparing to deliver first responders and desperately needed equipment to port-au-prince, nearly 30 coast guard personnel and members of an urban search and rescue team boarded c- 130 hercules planes with their gear, there they are, they took off from the homestead air force base in homestead, florida yesterday. pallets of supplies, also aboard the giant planes, these photographs come to us, by the way, thanks to petty officer first class bobby nash. martha: one of the most popular hotels for foreigners in port-au-prince has been reduced to a pile of rubble, and hundreds of people are believed to be buried underneath that rubble. it is called the montana hotel, and for many years, it has been the home to travelers, to port-au-prince, from other countries, as well as a lot of u.n. personnel that live in haiti. it is thought that about 300 people were inside that 4-star hotel when it came crash
with all of the data that is coming in from all these sources. we'll go live to washington with that story. first of all, how are they used and what type of intelligence are they collecting? >> good morning, martha. drones are known as uavs, unmanned aerial vehicles, no pilots inside, remote controlled, all from bases back here on the ground in the states. there are several types, some just doing reconnaissance, gathering picture, others like the predator drones are carry missiles and are capable of air strikes, they are widely used in iraq and afghanistan. i have seen troops in iraq constantly monitoring drone activity in their areas and that's even in the smallest, most remote combat outposts. >> what about this report that the military, there's so much data coming in from the uavs that they're having trouble keeping up with it and coming through -- coming through all of it? >> the "new york times" is report -- reporting that drones collected three times as much informs in afghanistan last year than 2007 so analysts are finding it more difficult to keep up. the report says there is 24 ye
with this terrorist join us for that, here. >>> in washington, we're awaiting a briefing from the president on the security mistake that led to the chris may say bomber attempt and get this, from the national security adviser that works out of the west wing, jim jones, this morning he says get ready, america, what they reveal in this report will, quote, shock you. what does that mean? good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer live from "america's newsroom". good morning. >> thank you very much, it is a busy morning, i'm jamie colby and we are tracking stories on the attempted bombing, including reports that one intel agency knew this terror suspect was on that plane. they were reportedly planning on talking to him when the plane touched down in detroit. bill: bill, a man who knows how well things work with the white house and the intelligence community. this is working into a big deal. what do we expect today? >> a couple of things could happen. we're going to see the president of course release the unclassified version of this chris bombing report, sort of a post portem and we'll see janet
security department there could be a new terror threat out of yemen. serious debate in washington on the health care bill is also going on right now. they're proposing some very big changes that you need to know about in terms of how this is going to be paid for, this trillion dollars bill, and certainly, that will affect all of us, and we want to tell you the very latest as they continue to negotiate in washington on all of that. and millions of dollars are suddenly flowing into the massachusets senate race. who is giving all that money? and what it could mean for the senate, balance of power, that is the hottest political story happening right now. it is happening in massachusets but it sort of affects the entire country. gregg: it surely is. plus we're going to have more on haiti in three minutes. for now, peter doocy, at the command center in the united states, on the military and relief efforts. peter. >> reporter: all the coordination for the u.s. relief efforts you guys have been talking about coming through here at the united states transportation command at scott air forc
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